Town Action Plan

By the Community – For the Community 

The NEW Action Plan 2016 - 2020 is ready for you to read HERE 

Town Action Plan Update 2017 ~ as reported by the Town Clerk at the Annual Town Meeting on 10th April 2017 

Notes from the meetings for the current Town Action Plan

22nd January 2014 
14th May 2014
24th August 2015
15th September 2015
17th February 2016

The Old Action Plan 2009-13

This is the original Town Action Plan published in 2009 - it is currently being updated. Below is a link to an abstract from the Plan. Full copies are still available at the Town Council Offices in Bell Street or can be seen at the Library. Full copies were sent to participating organisations, the County and District Councils and the actions from the Plan are discussed annually at the Town’s Meeting held each year in the month of May.