• Meetings of the Council and its Committees are open to members of the public and the press.
  • All meetings are held in the Council Chamber at Sayesbury Manor, Bell Street, Sawbridgeworth, Herts, CM21 9AN. 
  • All meetings are on a Monday (unless otherwise stated).
  • Meetings commence at 7.30 pm. 
  • Planning Committees follow on from full meetings of the Council but precede any other meetings on the same date.
  • Sub-Committees and Working Parties meet as scheduled.

Schedule of Meetings

Committee Structure 2022-2023

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March 2023

27 Mar

Planning Committee Meeting P1623

27 Mar

Full Council Meeting MO923

April 2023

03 Apr

Annual Town Meeting 2023

17 Apr

Planning Committee Meeting P1723

17 Apr

Finance, Policy & Economic Devt Committee F0423

17 Apr

Town Action Plan & Amenities Committee A0423

24 Apr

Planning Committee Meeting P1823

24 Apr

Full Council Meeting MO1023

May 2023

15 May

Annual Meeting of Town Council MO123