STC Comment on New Street Names

STC comment on new street names

Sawbridgeworth Town Council is delighted that local people, all of whom contributed to the continued vibrancy and sense of community prevalent in Sawbridgeworth over the years, have provided the inspiration for new street names in the town.

These community-spirited individuals supported Sawbridgeworth in a variety of ways, from forming international links through a renowned college, inventing a new method of teaching music and keeping our footpaths well maintained, to establishing a well-known bakery chain, setting up our local Scout movement and documenting scenes of local life for generations to come.

It is a fitting tribute that each will be remembered in this way for their efforts. In particular, we are glad to see the inclusion of two female names, which brings a better balance to the town.

We thank the Sawbridgeworth Local History Society and a number of local residents for all their research and assistance.

Sawbridgeworth Town Council was asked for street name recommendations by East Herts District Council last year, which could be passed onto the developer.

The new street names for the residential development north of West Road are inspired by:

May Slater – a Town Councillor and the first female Mayor of Sawbridgeworth, she was also founder of Eversley College for international students.
Candida Tobin - inventor of the Tobin Music System, a method of teaching children of all abilities which is well known in music teaching circles, also a musician, publisher, teacher and entrepreneur. She created the Old Malthouse Music Society at which top-class musicians gave concerts.
Brian Rochester – a retained fireman for 22 years, a Town Councillor, who regularly patrolled and maintained Sawbridgeworth footpaths over a number of years.
Dorrington – bakers in Sawbridgeworth since 1919 started by Ernest Dorrington, which continues to this day with a number of branches in the local area.
Marcus Woodward – a Fair Green resident and founder of the Boy Scouts in Sawbridgeworth around 1908/9.
William Truswell – a Sawbridgeworth photographer (1858-1939), many of his photographs appear in the town’s pubs and on the Sawbridgeworth Local History Society’s website.

The Town Council would welcome residents’ input and suggestions for street naming in the future.

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